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Bird Advocates is 501(c) non-profit organization built around a collection of personal photography.
The goal is to bring awareness to bird conservation efforts on a global scale.

For us, the small things matter. We strive to educate on conservation, while empowering the individual to stand up and be brave: to fight for what is right.

Learn more about the issues affecting birds, such as birds hitting windows, certain species' lack of attention, and proper handling procedures.


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Our organization, led by Adam Vinson, is composed of members from around the world who are dedicated to helping save the lives of birds, through ideals such as environmentalism and global awareness.

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It is our commitment to combat and raise awareness of the lesser known issues facing birds. The purpose of our organization is to educate people on these issues to help end them. Through our blog, the Bird Advocates team outlines key details and interesting perspectives in ornithology.

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Windowstrikes from Adam Vinson on Vimeo.

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